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Propane forklifts
are clean, safe and efficient. They offer the best performance in power and speed and save money on fuel costs. The Railroad Commission offers free safety and maintenance training on propane forklifts. Call 800-64-CLEAR.

Advantages of Propane Forklifts
Forklift Safety Posters
Daily Checklist for Operators
Forklift Material Safety
    Data Sheet (PDF)


Besides longer engine life and cleaner air, you'll save on motor fuel excise taxes and earn tax deductions with propane vehicles.

Excise Tax Comparisons
Federal Energy Policy Act

As the cost of chemicals increases and pests develop resistance, farmers are seeking alternatives to conventional pesticides and herbicides. Propane flame weeding offers an ideal option for many farmers. It is safer for the environment and can be more cost-effective than conventional chemical treatments.


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